Residential Paving Project

Some of the A1 Landscaping crew have been busy out across Auckland with different landscaping jobs. This Auckland project including creating a paved oasis for a residential client 💚 Check out the amazing before and after shots for this residential paving project!

Product feature: Eugenia

Some hedges require more work when planted in your garden than others, The Eugenia is a fast growing hedge and this beast can grow 3 feet a year in certain conditions, however it is also very prone to Thrip damage which doesn't slow it down but can make the leaves...

Plants in your garden

Helpful tips #1:  If you need to prune your trees in early spring, just leave it a few weeks if the buds have just burst. The poor tree is using maximum amount of energy to produce leaves with out getting any energy back. It in human terms trimming while it is trying...

Woodchips – What to do?

What to do with your Wood Chips? Wood chips are great for mulch, but must be allowed to mature first. Otherwise it will leach nitrogen from the soil and can burn your plants if put on too fresh! Have you got any questions you need answered? Submit them through our...


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